01. Plumb - Damaged
02. Within Temptation - Let Her Go
03. RECV OST - Lachrymal

Not sure if “new protagonists” means someone other than Chris and Jill or completely new characters :\

I don’t want new characters. I want the old ones back. Please ;w;

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That’s interesting info. I guess after everything, Chris and Claire’s relationship was damaged a little, due to the lack of contact, and needed to some time to heal.

The other thing you mention about the coats, wellI think they just wanted to keep faithful to the original games, so they decided not to have them wear coats, because they never wore coats in the Antarctica part either. As for the cold, they wanted to make it realistic and have Claire mention that it’s freezing, so…

Although I don’t get the part were you said that DSC Claire is different from CV Claire, where as the note that you showed only talks about her design change, not her character one. Her character is exactly the same as it previous was in the original games, they just gave Claire (And Leon, Chris, Krauser and Steve) more time to talk during the gameplay.

Oh God, please no. I don’t want to start another argument. So I’ll just say that Claire’s character is different in DSC, and I’m not the first to note this. And Leon and Steve are probably too different from their original selves. Please, don’t ask me to explain, because I won’t. I will make a separate post about Steve later in the day, though, because I wanted to do this for quite some time, but I’m just too stressed with uni at the moment to argue with you, as it is never a good idea ^^’

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Resident Evil Remastered - Trailer 1

I can’t be the only one who noticed “Terra Save” written on the shirt of one of the humans in the Revelations 2 teaser. Right? RIGHT? Because hello, Claire, I kinda missed you.

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Oh I don’t mean his words,I mean his voice,the way he talks,something like that,sorry didn’t say that clearly Really?Sounds like you really dislike DSC O_O” Well I started with DSC,so maybe that’s why I like DSC Steve more,but CV Steve is cute too ww
And though I don’t really like something in CV Steve,I’m OK with that as no matter in CV,CVX,GS2,DSC,novel,comic or even CV-related story events in BCM,he is still Steve,I see these versions as a whole and I’d love anyway,as long as Steve’s there ^^”
Yeah I'm so not strict on the developments haha^ ^: I'm kind of…omnivorous?I don’t know

I understand what you mean, that’s why I said he’s calmer in the Antarctic, so his voice is also calmer and thus softer c: It’s similar in CV.

And noo, I actually love DSC :’) But as a spin-off, with its own story and setting that has nothing to do with canon games. I’m very sorry if I sound rude or something, I’m just kind of skeptical towards people who say DSC!Steve is better than CV!Steve, or when talking about his character they only mention DSC version and disregard his CV self. DSC is not canon. It is confirmed. Both Memory Of A Lost City and Game Of Oblivion are retellings/reimaginings of the original events, they’re told by Leon to Krauser. Saying it’s true to canon is the same as saying Raccoon’s Destruction scenario in UC follows RE3’s story.

Of course I love Steve in general, too, but I mostly rely on how he is presented in Code Veronica. DSC is a quick summary, and it likes to jump back and forth with character development. Not the best thing to analyze, to be honest ^^’ It doesn’t improve anything, it just offers a new version of the original story. I love DSC!Steve, but he’s too nervous, overconfident, and aggressive (so is Claire, but I blame it on Leon; perhaps he’s just secretly afraid of her hurhurr) compared to the original, not to mention he lacks some important personality points that define his character. I’m just very passionate about CV!Steve, sorry ^^’ That’s where I fell in love with him anyway.

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She smiled more in the Antarctica qwq Did you notice that Stevie?qwq p.s.Did you notice that Steve talked softer to Claire in the Antarctica in DSC?Don’t know if he did so in CV though,didn’t really study on that

Yes, their relationship goes to the next step after they escape from the island :'> They're more comfortable around each other, mostly because their inner conflicts are resolved, and they open up to each other more.

I did study DSC, but only to point out all the things it ruined, e.g. Steve’s character development and Steve and Claire’s relationship growth. I think I’ll rant about it tomorrow. But anyway, Steve doesn’t talk softer to Claire in the Antarctic in DSC. Unfortunately, there’s little to no changes in their dialogues after Chapter 2. Steve does become calmer in Chapter 6, maybe that’s what you mean. But then he goes back to his raging mode halfway through, which is complete bullshit. Steve’s character is absolutely different in CV; it makes much more sense, and I love it much more. I’ll talk more on this tomorrow c:

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Inside of BHDSC Game Of Oblivion!Claire Notes Translation;

I kind of forgot to share this translation, so here goes. (Inside of Biohazard The Darkside Chronicles, page 31, Director’s Voice)

Claire and Chris share a healthy and close bond as siblings – the complete opposite of Alfred and Alexia’s relationship, which was distorted from the very beginning. The same can be said for Chris, but when we were creating Claire for the “Game of Oblivion”, we wanted to form a striking contrast from the Ashford siblings.

So Chris “distorted” his bond with Claire, too. And it probably won’t be the same anymore. It’s also important to note that DSC!Claire is different from CV!Claire. And CV takes precedence as it is canon.

Claire has undergone a large change from her original “CODE:Veronica” design. In order to convey the severe Antarctic cold, both Claire and Steve were supposed to wear heavy winter outfits. But instead, we decided to just have Claire mention how cold she is throughout the game.

I talked about it when I shared this concept art. Claire does indeed complain about being cold several times.
(It kinda reminds me of Revelations. “You should’ve worn your thermal underwear, Claire.”)

You’re the reason I ѕмιℓє.

Leon’s hair was meant to be a thing even in his early design.

"Tabata told me that there’s a character who only uses a flute, which seems to be the worst possible thing to ever bring into war."

-offended deuce noises-

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lol it seems someone doesn’t know that killing your enemies with music and a twirl is the new badass.
*Deuce out*

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Неожиданно :D Помотри может на

Я вообще непредсказуема весьма XD Да что-то там цены заоблачные, но я посмотрю, спасибо с:

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Go to the Nintendo e shop on your 3ds and there will be a capcom sale, hope it helps!^-^

Thanks! c: Although I want a physical copy, but I’ll keep this in mind :'>

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I want to buy Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D, and looks like it’s on sale now, but I don’t know where from D: I don’t like ordering stuff, so I’m pretty bad at it, not to mention I live in a hellhole that is Russia. Can anyone help me out…? Please? ;^;


There are so many beautiful reasons to be HAPPY :D