01. Plumb - Damaged
02. Within Temptation - Let Her Go
03. RECV OST - Lachrymal

ahaha, see? the Makarov was a clue but I’m still not sure there

Hehe yes, but it’s still too confusing. Just another possibility/theory.

Anonymous asked: Maybe it's for two reasons: a plot device, and that she doesn't want to kill anyone, I guess? Not many people will want to hold a gun because of its implications - that they've have to TAKE a life, even if it's for self defense. Moira is said to be innocent despite her personality, so I guess she's afraid of the thought of killing someone.

I’m still not sure how her rebellious punk-ish personality coincides with innocence, but yes, I believe you’re right. She joined Terra Save to help people, so she most likely doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

We may get the answer on Saturday already, it must be in one of the dialogues. At least I think so.

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I read in an article that Moira refuses to use a gun, and it’s a plot point in the demo. If it’s true, then I wonder why :\

Really? Hmmm. This could turn out to be interesting, depending on how Capcom handles it.

Something from her past, maybe? Would be cool if at a certain point of the game she’ll have to use a gun to protect Claire or herself. They did say her character would develop throughout the game c:

manemigoto asked: I'm cry Revelations 2 is beautiful


And we only saw a little bit, the full game will be breathtaking *O*

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Resident Evil Revelations 2 バイオ ハザード リベレーションズ 2 
Moira Burton モイラ・バートン
今回の主人公の一人であるモイラ・バートンの主な装備となるのがSUREFIRE「6PX Bio」。行動抑止のために開発されたフラッシュライトの特性を生かしクリーチャー「アフリクテッド」の目つぶしとしても活躍する他、隠されたアイテムの探索にも使われる重要アイテムです。

Flashlight : it is very important for searching hidden items.
Product name:SUREFIRE 6PX Bio [6PX-D-BK-Bio] [ x ]

Resident Evil : Revelations 2 6mins Demo[ x ]



Claire and Moira in the Extended Revelations 2 Teaser (x)

Hey brother, there’s an endless road to re-discover.
Hey sister, know the water’s sweet but blood is thicker.
Oh, if the sky comes falling down for you,
There’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do.


Resident Evil 6 in Japanese. Sugoi desu ne~


I love how you can bother Steve multiple times in the airplane and each time he changes what he says until he just gets annoyed by you and crosses his arms like this


But then Curtis… said something… that made me stop beating myself up; ‘if you don’t try to save one life, you’ll never save any.’”

She’s got something for me.


dat upgrade tho


{make me choose}
- the deVIL nanaseharuu asked: noel kreiss or hope estheim or cloud strife



Eggs in a hole…RECIPES