Only thing I noticed Capcom did with Leon after RE4 is make him slowly look more and more like a dour Norman Reedus. Seriously, he is like, completely incapable of showing any type of emotion in the CGI movies, it’s so weird to watch. Only thing I can gather is like when car manufacturers license their cars to racing games under the condition they always look shiny and new and never take damage and always look amazing. [and I swear to god he really is looking more and more like Norman Reedus to me, it’s so weird hahaha!]

Leon has become Resident Evil’s fancy licensed car. He must always look pretty, must always have great hair, and must always be this weird amalgamation of action and spy hero tropes. [and must always be able to parkour and look cool and save the day when in reality doing 1/5th of the stuff he does would get you either fired or sent to jail. Especially with the multiple international incidents he technically caused. Guy makes Vash the Stampede look like a boy scout in terms of causing shit to go to hell in a handbasket!]

Ultimately I liked his RE2 personality the best. He was a bright eyed wet behind the ears police officer fresh out of the academy wanting to go forth and help people and he got thrown right into the lion’s den where all his training kind of went out the window because they don’t teach you how to handle zombies or crazy bone crushing monsters in police academy.

Once RE4 came out I too was a bit “bwuh?” at his personality change. it’s like “okay I get 8 years have passed but who are you you used to be an eager beaver dork did the government do the captain america experiment on you only it affected your brain’s personality center to boot?”

But yeah, y’all both make a good point. Completely doing a 180 on a character between game/book/tv/movie releases is not character development, it’s bad writing and fan pandering/corporate meddling. [depending on the situation.] Granted there is a bit of Leon’s old dorky personality left in him in RE4 but whatever is there is a an echo more than anything else, and it’s immediately stamped out once the first CGI movie comes along. in an ideal world I’d be happy if Leon kept his RE4 look but also kept more of his RE2 personality. He was relatable in RE2, he technically was a police officer but he was also brand spankin’ new and didn’t know what to do half the time which made him believable.

Now he is a token pretty boy that is stuck being a walking action hero trope and it’s weird. Granted I still like Leon as a character, I just wish RE4-6 had actual competent writers that actually understood how character development works. because no one in RE4 had character development, everyone was more or less a walking trope, and that trend continued right along into RE5 and 6 and it just makes me cringe.

And this is coming from someone who technically likes Leon as a character. I just wish more was freaking done with himhahaha

Can I marry this post? It’s perfect.

First of all, thank you for the Captain America reference. That’s exactly what I thought and still think. Whatever special agent training Leon got, it couldn’t have changed him so drastically.

In RE2 he was vulnerable, he was alive and easily relatable. And then CAPCOM made him an invincible superhero. Enemies can use him as a mop, a hammer, or a column decoration, practically put him through things normal people wouldn’t survive; and Leon just gets up, blurts out something witty, finishes the boss in one direct hit, and moves on. I don’t think the government teaches this.

One more thing I’d like to note is that Gaiden was supposed to be canon. It’s set after RE2, and Leon’s personality is still RE2-esque. I’m 100% sure RE3.5 would have a similar Leon, too. But then perhaps the market changed, or CAPCOM wanted more innovations, but 3.5 was scrapped, along with the idea of killing Leon, and RE4 was born. It immediately contradicted Gaiden, which was marked as non-canon. RE4 was a success, new Leon was accepted, but it wasn’t a development. It was simply a change. Bad or good? To each their own.

And I know we’re not talking about Sherry, but similar thing happened to her. She was supposed to appear before RE6. Sometime before DSC’s release the campaigns’ names were leaked, but later removed. Luckily, I have the document saved on my phone, so if anyone’s interested, I can post it. Anyway, Sherry was listed as a playable character of two chapters, set in June 2009. Her scenario was called “Former Wishes - The Final Chapter”. But then CAPCOM scrapped it again and brought her back in RE6 as Jake’s sidekick. Her story could be different. Leon’s story could be different. What else could be different? Probably a lot of things. I don’t hate new Leon, I even partially like him, but I still don’t think what was done to him in RE4 was appropriate.

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people who say they hate leon because he doesn’t have character development and then use the way he changed from re2 to re4 as an example


In game, though. He did not change whatsoever during RE4 and RE6 which was the issue. But they changed his RE2 personality from a dorky, persistent cop who just wanted to help and just happened to fall in love with Ada to a James Bond copy with cheesy one-liners who hits on every woman. It’s different developing a character throughout the game so that certain characters traits disappear or change, but to do that when they appear in a new game is different. They created a new Leon by doing that.

Exactly. It wasn’t character development. He was made into an entirely new character. His DSC self is the proof of it. (for those who don’t know, RE2 scenario in DSC is a summary told by Leon to Krauser; the way he remembers himself 6 years ago contradicts your “development” theory)

His RE2 personality was basically erased. And CAPCOM keep changing him to appeal to the fans’ desires.

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A friendly reminder that hating on a character is not something to be proud of. And insulting said character only shows how delusional and mean you are. Hatred is a black hole, sooner or later it will swallow you whole. Please, stop.

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What if I’m far from home?
Oh, brother I will hear you call.
What if I lose it all?
Oh, sister I will help you out.

Oh, if the sky comes falling down for you,
There’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do

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and so the queen takes the knight

and so the queen takes the knight

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Imagine Person A waking up from a terrible nightmare, completely terrified and shaking. Person B assures them it was only a dream before pulling A into their arms, lulling them to sleep. Moments later, A’s alarm clock goes off, waking them up. That’s when A remembers: Person B died years ago.

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everybody has that one fictional character that they irrationally adore above all others and will defend to the death and you just get super happy and excited whenever you see their face on your dash

  • what I meant to say: I have a strong emotional attachment to this character and I often find myself having moments where I want nothing more than to reach out and hold them when they go through certain situations. Allow me to explain how I feel.
  • what I actually said: ASFDGHJK;LJLGFKJDSHFH;DJFHGJHL FEEEEEEEEELS /gross sobbing
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when fans of a thing make you dislike a thing

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Anyone who thinks women are ruining gaming is ruining gaming.

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I would shoot Jean twice.


I would shoot Jean twice.

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inspired by [x]

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Favorite Videogame Characters 1/?: Aya Brea from The 3rd Birthday

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